Wine Design – How does the label influence purchase?

Wine Design – How does the label influence purchase?

July 17, 2021 Off By Maria Dublin

Wine design, how important is the label of a wine?

Wine producers and sales channels need to understand what are the key factors that influence the sale of wine and how the relationship between wine and wine design can improve sales performance, especially in a sector like this where advertising spending is very low (think, for example, of the comparison with the volume of beer advertising spending).

An extremely useful consideration that emerges from the Nielsen surveys is the fact that most consumers (over 70%) do not know which wine to buy and therefore will choose based on the wine design of the bottle and label when standing in front of the wine shelf. . Only 29% of consumers enter the store with a clear idea of ​​what wine they are going to buy, because they know the brand or because they already have a clear idea of ​​what they need.

What are some useful indications to ensure that the consumer chooses a bottle of wine rather than another on the shelf of the wine shop or large-scale distribution?

  1. Visibility : the label must stand out in some way from the others, its design must stand out so that it is more visible. This is because the consumer’s attention should be captured within seconds.
  2. Studied and accurate wine design: once the consumer’s eye is won over by a particular label, it must be pushed to purchase. The reasons are various, but among the most important are the considerations of a modern design, of a label that seems “precious”, of captivating colors that attract the eye, of the presence of clear information in evidence about the wine.
  1. The importance of feedback : it seems obvious, but it is not. Decisions about the wine design of a label should be made based on a lot of consumer feedback. When it has been decided to renew or create a new label, this should be tested, before the actual launch on the market, thanks to a panel of consumers or in any case through a procedure that allows to receive positive or negative feedback.
  2. The label is fundamental : if this assumption is true (and it is so for the purpose of buying a wine), a label must be thought and reasoned at length. The winning examples of the analysis reveal how the best performing wine bottles on the market are characterized by labels that took a long time to create, but above all for which many options were studied before reaching the final result. .

There are four labels that have been shown to consumers, who have been asked to indicate the one they find most “fun”. The label chosen by consumers is that of “Amour”, especially based on the font in which the word “Amour” is written and based on the initial “A” of the word amour, which makes it attractive and unusual

Consumers also explained that the word “amour” attracts because it is recognizable and because it is linked to the universal concept of love. The latter is a very useful consideration: the name given to a wine must somehow be easily memorable, because only in this way do we give the consumer the possibility to choose us.

Personally, when I need to get a preliminary idea of ​​new wine designs to help my clients, first of all, I look for creative sources and then entrust the project to a specialized designer, who will give his creative contribution. I also carefully observe the designs on the market during fairs and tastings: a case for everyone, in which a particular label is very visible precisely because it differs from the wine design of the others (and it does not need to tell you what it is!).