What is electronic security?

What is electronic security?

November 16, 2020 Off By Mahmud Farooque

The implementation of electronic security in companies can make the significant difference between ensuring the well-being of all workers and the risks to which the assets and information they manipulate are exposed on a daily basis. Year after year, the solutions provided by companies specialized in designing, installing and putting into practice the devices have taken on great relevance due to their practicality, efficiency and usefulness in the protection of human life and spaces.

Through technology, it has been possible to respond to the levels of risk to which some companies and / or businesses are subjected. Security has managed to reinvent itself and adjust to the needs of a changing and demanding market where digital takes a leading role and provides comprehensive solutions to optimize surveillance and monitoring processes in real time. 

This is what electronic security solutions are today, reliable and precise methods based on technological advances that allow aspects such as high-quality images, perimeter supervision, fingerprint biometric, iris, facial, among other innovations that have taken security to another level.

electronic security

Why has security become a necessity?

The threats and risks to which large companies, businesses and homes are exposed are a reality that has been sought to minimize and counteract through effective strategies. Hence the importance of the installation of electronic security systems, since they are dissuasive and preventive methods that allow a timely response and alert to be given to any identified danger. Robberies, robberies, fires, kidnappings are observed daily and anyone can be a victim of crime, so custom solution designs are an alternative that should be considered.

Electronic security companies with extensive experience and experience, such as Automated innovation, recommend companies, financial institutions, multinationals, residential complexes, businesses, airports, universities, among others, to implement measures that ensure the well-being and protection and solutions in electronic security of access control, video surveillance, alarms (when a space 

is breached or an anomaly is detected), fire detection and CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), among other complementary service lines of software for the protection of information that They provide great support to each system.

Real-time monitoring and security

Currently, the physical security supported by electronic systems and devices that allow surveillance and alert in real time have contributed to the reduction of crime and risk rates, given that the monitoring provided by the different risk centers or the possibility of accessing information from your mobile device has made you experience a kind of omnipresence.

Emergencies are a daily reality at a local and global level, for this reason the importance of video surveillance is evident. To determine the risk levels to which companies are exposed, Automated innovation performs security analysis to make an appropriate design, the respective installation and commissioning, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance.

Preventing false alarms is vitally important so as not to worry unnecessarily, wasting time, effort and money; The important thing is that there are no doubts when there is an urgency to act immediately, on that it depends that the security solutions really meet all the expectations and needs of your company.

It should be noted that the vast majority of times the alerts are given due to human errors or a wrong implementation of a fire, intrusion or perimeter system, since these must contemplate specific aspects through a specialized analysis so that they are contingent with each other. and the systems are really safe. In fact, studies show that 80% of false alarms are attributed to misuse of systems, misplaced objects and ignorance of the possible factors that can be a trigger.

False alarms can be a problem

Did you know that false alarms can lead to fines? In addition to complicating the work of firefighters, police or security personnel of companies. For this reason, having a monitoring center that allows the verification of the incident is essential, not only to monitor and have knowledge about what is happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but so that any anomaly can occur a relevant response if deemed necessary. For these types of situations, Automated innovation wants to give you some vital recommendations to avoid poor installations, poor operator training, oversights, loose sensors or design errors.

In our 18 years of experience in the sector with different financial institutions we have identified the need to provide solutions that respond to the requirements of our clients, so through our design, installation, commissioning, technological renovation, and maintenance services preventive and corrective we guarantee solutions made up of a highly trained and reliable team to provide you with comprehensive electronic security systems based on a service with the highest quality standards.

Maintenance and cleaning

These two aspects will allow you to guarantee the correct functioning of the devices since dust, batteries or some power failures can significantly influence a false activation or deactivation of the security system. In some cases, it is necessary to replace cameras or smoke detectors. Make sure to schedule a periodic review in your company, surely there will always be things to improve!

Train your workers

The activation of false alarms occurs, on some occasions, due to ignorance of the correct use of security systems, because of not knowing what are the limited spaces or where a smoke detector is located. For example, accessing a place that is not allowed simply because they did not know it is a serious mistake, for that reason, informing about all the recommendations and answering questions will be of vital importance. 

Request the service of a company like Automated innovation and guarantee that all your team works for the same objective: the security of all.

Hire a monitoring center

This is when you find the most effective solution against possible false alarms, since when your company has a central monitoring center, it implies that there are specialized people and software in charge of identifying whether or not a risk situation is really occurring. In the event that this is the case, our staff will contact you and comment on what is happening to make assertive and accurate decisions.

Our solutions are intelligent systems made up of components and services that integrate, automate and support the administration and control of the people, goods and assets of your organization with the highest quality in applied technology, providing personalized attention. 

Contact us! We are the security that your company needs. We put at your disposal an after-sales support contract for all your electronic security systems, which guarantees correct operation. These contracts will be offered according to the requirements and needs of the client.

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