Wedding rings with and without inserts

Wedding rings with and without inserts

March 31, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

What should be the wedding rings – classic design without any decorative elements or with diamond inserts? It is known that the classics never go out of fashion, and the likelihood of picking up paired rings, in this case, is higher. Simple and uncomplicated rings are a vivid embodiment of all marriage symbols. In addition, the cost of such jewelry is at a more affordable level, since there is no rise in price due to inserts. That is why the first type of ring is preferred by most newlyweds.

However, not every couple will like this option – today the bright, original design of the model is in vogue. Therefore, as an alternative, you can consider rings with patterns imitating the presence of inserts, weaving, openwork patterns, leaves, abstract lines, and other elements.

What about inlaid engagement rings? Cut diamonds are the most coveted and demanded stones in jewelry. They symbolize purity, loyalty, and sincerity of feelings. Diamonds are not only the best friends of girls, but also emphasize the masculinity of the stronger sex. For this reason, paired gold wedding rings with inserts are in great demand.

By the shape of the setting, wedding rings with diamonds are conventionally divided into:

  • rings with a “recessed” stone, in which the stone is literally embedded in the surface of the setting;
  • rings with a “protruding” stone, in which the stone is held on special clamps. Such wedding rings were brought into fashion by the famous jewelry house, whose frames allow stones to literally “float” above the surface of the rings and, demonstrating their dignity, sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow.

Depending on the number of stones, wedding rings can be divided into several of the most common types:

  • “Eternity” – symbolizes the infinity of true love: the entire surface of the ring is strewn with small pebbles;
  • “Trilogy” – such rings are inlaid with three stones, which symbolize the flowering of love and the eternal loyalty of the spouses;
  • “Habsburg” – a crown, the teeth of which are inlaid with precious stones.

How to distinguish a wedding ring from a regular one?

Choosing a ring will not be difficult if future spouses do not want to go beyond traditional ideas about wedding jewelry.

  • The wedding ring is a closed circle symbolizing endless love. Adjustable size or cut jewelry is not suitable. Therefore, the choice of size should be approached with great care.
  • In keeping with tradition, a smooth ring without inserts symbolizes a smooth family life.
  • Even the most laconic design, wedding rings should be made in a similar style. The width of the jewelry, the type of metal, processing, or angularity of the edges can overlap.
  • Wedding rings are usually made of gold – yellow, pink, white, red, or a combination.

Despite the wide selection of jewelry, many people still prefer classic rings because of their practicality. Smooth rings without engravings and stones can be easily increased or decreased in size, they do not cause discomfort in everyday wear and can be combined with any style of clothing.

Alternative to classic models

Romantic scene from weeding celebration.

Despite the convenience and versatility of the classics, in recent years, models of unusual design have become increasingly popular. Here are some of them as an example:

  • a ring or signet ring is ideal for men who are not satisfied with the classics. Such decoration emphasizes individuality and masculinity. It is interesting that since ancient times it was considered a distinctive sign of the representatives of one clan and was passed from father to son; wedding rings with a pigtail or weaving are suitable for both the fair and the stronger sex. They have an attractive look, intricate and original look. As mentioned above, this is a symbol of the infinity of love between spouses and the unity of their souls. Made of different colors of gold or combined paired jewelry looks attractive and non-standard;
  • rings of irregular geometry – their unusual shape violates the standards of classic design and bewitches with imaginary imperfection. Such rings are completely self-sufficient and rarely require additional decor;
  • square rings – the inner side of the jewelry remains unchanged, but the outer one can be made in the form of a square, trapezoid, or polygon. Such models, especially those inlaid with a large stone, look original on the finger.

We have made it as easy as possible for you to find the right pair of wedding rings. In the online gallery, you will find jewelry for every taste and budget, and in the jewelry center on the street.

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