Vehicle Graphic Design: 6 Tips for labeling your company vehicle

Vehicle Graphic Design: 6 Tips for labeling your company vehicle

November 9, 2020 Off By Junalene Sumbalan

Car design is a factor that goes straight to the heart of the customer. Beyond offering complex engineering features, the vehicles that succeed in the market have a design that generates and transmits emotion and enthusiasm . For this reason, car companies are demanding creatives capable of producing stylish, yet functional, vehicle graphic design products.

If you want to reach your client in the sea of ​​offer vehicle graphic design in which we find ourselves today, you have to make yourself see and become mobile .

The labeling of vehicle graphic design is a type of mobile marketing that consists of putting the corporate image of your company in a vehicle , either a motorcycle, car, van or truck.

Labeling or vehicle graphic design, your car or work van is a very popular practice among small companies since it offers you a mobile advertising space that many people will see at a much cheaper investment cost than any other type of advertising because you will only have to pay for it! once!

Vehicle graphic design tips before labeling your company car:

1. Choose quality

A quality vinyl will provide you with more durability and a better finished job .

When in doubt, choosing a cast or cast vinyl is always the best possible option. As it is thinner, it is easier to work with (applies better) and adapts to irregular or curved surfaces very easily. Duration and quality will be guaranteed with cast vinyl, and those are the two maxims of vehicle wrapping .

Important: A good quality wine will prevent inclement weather such as sun, rain or wind from deteriorating the vinyl of your vehicle, therefore the labeling of your vehicle will be longer- lived and with more intense colors , and that translates in savings! for your pocket .

2. Be consistent with your brand

Your company vehicle must match your brand identity . Make sure to provide the corporate colors of your brand , the correct fonts , images and other elements that make up the image of your business . The branding of your company must look coherent .

3. Don’t forget what’s important

Make sure the contact details are included on the label of your car , van or truck . You must put the phone number, the address of your company or the website. Even the icons of the social networks in which your company is active, so that your future clients can find you more easily.

4. Less is more

Don’t put too much text or too many images. If you fill your vehicle with information it can be counterproductive and offer a confusing and unattractive brand image, in addition to making it difficult to read your business activity or contact information to your potential customers.

5. Choose between partial or full lettering

The integral lettering is impressive because it is very striking, of course! But well done partial labeling is also very effective. You will have to assess which one best suits your company’s marketing strategy and the budget you have. Integral signage will require more meters of vinyl and therefore the price will be higher, keep that in mind!

6. Vinyl windows and rear windows

Yes, you can put a vinyl on the windows and rear windows of your commercial vehicle , but remember that they must be approved micro-perforated vinyl . Obviously the driver’s and passenger’s windows and the front window cannot be vinylated for logical safety reasons.

Tricks to label your vehicle graphic design at an affordable price

If you want the cheapest vinyl possible for your company car, remember these simple tips and you will save the most!

  • Less meters = Less vinyl = Lower cost
  • The fewer parts of the car the cheaper = Partial labeling (minimum the two front doors and rear door).
  • Use cutting vinyl instead of printed vinyl (it is cheaper).
  • It makes the work of the sign maker as easy as possible (Deliver design made and with measurements or a clear idea).

Now that you are an expert in vehicle graphic design or car wrapping , what is the ideal vinyl for your vehicle?