Roof renovation: when and why?

Roof renovation: when and why?

June 1, 2021 Off By Sarah Holden

For many people, it is difficult to estimate the right time for a roof renovation. A possible leak on the roof can be very annoying and it is therefore important to continuously monitor the condition of your roof. For example, it is possible that roof tiles have subsided or cracks have formed in the bitumen covering. Are you unsure about the condition of the roof? Then have a roofing company come by. After an inspection of the roof, the roofer can decide in consultation whether a roof renovation is necessary. A good roof offers quality and security for the home inside and out.

Roof renovation tiled roof

Roof renovation occurs with all types of roofs, but with a tiled roof, this is the most eye-catching. Good maintenance is essential with a tiled roof, especially in view of influences on the roof due to storms, rain, frost, and drought. The regular pans must of course not break, sag or tear. If complications arise in several places on the roof, it is worth considering opting for a complete roof renovation, whether or not in combination with roof insulation. 

Another well-known example of a roof where maintenance is important and renovation is more common is a flat roof with bitumen covering. This covering can be recognized by the leathery layer of material, whether or not finished with gravel. Try to keep these roofs clean as much as possible and perform routine checks, because the bitumen covering is sensitive to wear and small cracks. No tile roof or bitumen flat roof? Then PVC, EPDM, a thatched roof, or a green roof are also common types of roofing. 

Roof renovation asbestos 

In the past, the use of asbestos on roofs was very common. However, with today’s knowledge, people are using less and less asbestos, and for good reason. Nevertheless, we still see this type of roof frequently, especially on farms, but also on private homes. Renovating asbestos roofs is a specialist job that must be approached with the utmost care. Are you toying with the idea of ​​having your asbestos roof renovated? Then be quick. This year it will be exactly 30 years ago that a construction ban on asbestos roofs was announced. Assuming that an asbestos roof lasts on average 30 years,

Fixing damaged roof shingles. A section was blown off after a storm with high winds causing a potential leak.

Roof renovation is a combination of roof insulation

When choosing a roof renovation, it is advisable to immediately look at high-quality roof insulation. A perfectly insulated roofing prevents heat loss, which guarantees a boost to the temperature and comfort in the house. Thanks to better insulation, you also save on monthly energy costs. If the insulation of the roof is insufficient, there is a greater chance of leaks or weakening of the wooden construction in the future. 

Roof insulation is generally installed in such a way that moisture from the outside is stopped, while condensation from the inside is allowed to pass through. This is done with a special foil intended for this purpose. Technically, roof insulation on the outside of the roof is preferred; roof renovation is the perfect time for insulation in that regard.

Roof renovation costs: Request a quote

A roof in the right condition is of great value for any home. If you want to have a roof renovation carried out, you can request a quote for free and without obligation from one or more roofers in the region. A specialist will then visit you to discuss the options and map out the situation. Drawing up a customized quote is a good choice when you are looking for the right specialist for a competitive price. Request several quotes, because then you can compare the different proposals in peace. Do you have many more options within the roof renovation element? That is why we advise you extensively about the possibilities.

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