Roof renovation, the cost

Roof renovation, the cost

August 23, 2021 Off By Ian Tamondong

If your flat roof or tiled roof of your old house, shed or garden house needs to be replaced or improved after years, then we speak of a complete roof renovation. (roof repair)

Your roof has to endure a lot during the winter and summer months. 

If your roof really needs a roof renovation, it is important that you study the costs of renovating your old roof.

On this page, you will find guide prices for repairing your roof, as well as the method used by roofers to renew your roof.

We will also talk about the removal costs of your old roofing material.

Sometimes it is really necessary that you renovate your roof after a certain time.

This can have various reasons, with some roofs the roof insulation can simply be installed a lot better, and some roofs such as a tiled or flat roof must be made completely waterproof again.

The activities of a total roof renovation are therefore very diverse.

Read all the price information on this page about a roof renovation and the cost price per square meter (m2) so that you can prepare well in advance for the total renovation.

Because we are a fairly well-known roofing company in Amsterdam and have already renovated many roofs, we get a lot of questions about the prices of roof renovations.

We don’t want you to take a good look at the costs of a roof renovation.

We will therefore show you a guideline price for different types of roofs.

The average costs for a roof renovation of, for example, a flat roof are between $ 2461 and $ 3117. If we assume the repair of a pitched roof with roof tiles, the average price is between $ 4922 and $ 6563.

The costs vary, of course, which has to do with the size of your roof (roof surface and the number of square meters) and the type of roof covering.

For example, renovating your roof can involve a small piece of the roof instead of the entire roof.

Make sure you are on time so that costs can be kept as low as possible.

Read below the average roof renovation costs for different types of roofing:

Type of roof repairAverage costs
Renovation of a flat roof$ 2,461
New bituminous roofing layer4 1,312
Replacing bitumen roofing$ 2,625
Have a new EPDM layer applied$ 3,938
Renovation pitched roof with roof tiles$ 7876,-
Local replacement roof tiles and battens$ 6,891,-

Complete roof renovation

Of course, having a complete roof renovation carried out with some minor maintenance by a  roofer is not cheap, but in our view, a complete renovation of your flat or pitched roof does not have to be expensive.

The average prices of a roof renovation, therefore, vary enormously per roofing company.

That is why we believe that you are entitled to a fair price-quality ratio.

Read here all the price information that you need to know in advance before having your roof refurbished by a roofer.

Roof renovation costs

Postponing a roof renovation of your roof or dormer window is not wise, do not forget that the roof is the most important part of your house.

If the underlying roof construction is or is affected due to the age of the existing roofing, the costs will only increase.

If you want to have your roofing replaced, take into account the average prices per m2 at the bottom of the table.

If you do not want to have your complete roofing replaced, but just a small piece, do not forget that the price per m2 will be higher than if you want to have the complete roofing replaced.

Average total price per m2, incl. VAT and the average total price for a roof of 50 m2 ( square meters )

Remove old roofing and have new roofing installed on a:

Delete & RefreshAvg m2 priceTotal price 50 m2
Flat roof$ 114 –$ 147$ 5743 to $ 3700
Pitched roof$ 114 – $ 180$ 3281 to $ 9845

Every small or large roof with or without roof insulation is of course different, which means that the costs for a roof renovation can differ considerably.

Would you like to know the exact prices for replacing your roof covering?

Request a quote without obligation and compare our rates with those of our competitors and save a lot on having your roof renewed!

When is a roof renovation necessary?

By discovering small defects in the old roof of your homes in time, such as shifted tiles on a pitched roof or small cracks in your roof covering on your flat roof, you can assume that these will fall under a roof repair. 

But in many cases, it is also sufficient to have a good thank-you cleaning performed by us. We can determine this perfectly for you in advance.

If the roofing is really bad and the largest surface of your roof is affected by this, the roofer can consult with you for a possible roof renovation.

Your roof covering will be partially or completely replaced so that you can enjoy your roof for years to come.

If we can give you a tip, we will tell you that you should certainly not wait too long with a roof renovation to prevent further damage and that you will not have to purchase a completely new roof.

Let us be the company that can renovate your roof down to the last detail so that you can live under your own roof for years without any worries.

What is so important about your roof? A roof plays the biggest role in your living comfort.

If a roof has not been properly renovated, it may be that leaks will occur, or that a draft will blow in through the roof and that your house will get colder in a fraction of a second, so that you start using more energy.

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