ROLLING DOORS: Short On Space For A Garage Door?

ROLLING DOORS: Short On Space For A Garage Door?

October 31, 2020 Off By Natalie Leary

When you have little space in your home’s car park, the rolling doors installed are the right ones for your needs.

We install Hörmann brand RollMatic rolling doors in your garage, which open vertically and require little space on the lintel. In this way, we leave the ceiling free for you to place lighting or a storage system. Thus we achieve efficient use of the garage.


There are different garage entrance formats with different lintel. Doors can be installed with lintel in the form:

  • Rectangular
  • Beveled
  • Circular arc
  • Semicircular arch

You can choose the garage door you need that best suits the format of your entrance.


Our doors are characterized by the security they have.

If you have had a garage for years and need a change or an update to the regulations about “Industrial, commercial, garage doors and gates”, will quote you different alternatives and we will replace them, recommending rolling doors that are ideal for renovations in garages with limited space.

Hörmann garage doors are silent both when opening and closing.

You can install the automatic garage door in your habitual residence or in your second residence or summer residence.


The Rollmatic door has smooth aluminum profiles unlike those of the competition that are rounded. The hollow profile is filled with hard foam for smoother door movement.

Cleaning the rolling doors is easy thanks to the high-quality primer finish.

The rolling doors also have a solution for uneven terrain. The lower beveled aluminum profile compensates for considerable height differences (up to 300 mm).


The RollMatic rolling shutter is full of novelties with a single objective: to offer you safety and comfort.

Rollmatic offers three types of roll-up garage doors that can be easily installed by qualified professionals in any home.

1. Rollmatic rolling doors

The main feature of Rollmatic rolling doors is their vertical opening that does not require a very large space for installation.

2.External roll-up door

For garages with a reduced lintel or small side anchors, the RollMatic rolling shutter is available as an external version to be mounted in front of the garage opening.

3.Rolling doors with ceiling guides RollMatic OD

That saves space is ideal for renovations. The slim construction of the RollMatic roof sliding door. OD allows mounting in garages with very limited space.


The garage doors provide ample space, both inside and in front of the garage door

Well protected winding shaft. The standard coating of the roller shaft practically prevents the introduction of hands into the roller blind. In addition, it protects the blind against damage and dirt when the door is open.

Traction spring technique with spring system within the spring. Hörmann RollMatic rolling doors with double tension springs and double metal cables secure the sash against falls, in all positions. This prevents all possible fall injuries.

Storm hooks as standard. Even with high wind loads (up to class 4). The Hörmann RollMatic door does not give way. Storm hooks fitted as standard at the ends of the profiles firmly hold the door on the guides. An additional benefit is the additional intrusion protection.


There are multiple accessories for garage doors. Some determine that security is higher.

The following accessories offered by Hörmann garage doors are worth noting:

  • Optional emergency release from outside.
  • Optional emergency accumulator.
  • Optional acoustic alarm.
  • Manually operated door with the manual door lock.
  • Inclined bottom profile.
  • Compensation of the supporting tension spring, thanks to this Hörmann roll-up garage doors can be easily opened and closed by hand from the inside and outside. From the outside with the handle, from the inside through a traction chain.


Comfort is an important factor when it comes to opening and closing our garage door. If we have a roller garage door, it is much more convenient to have a remote control that greatly facilitates this task.

We have the right remote control element for each client and need characterized by:

  • Elegant manual transmitter.
  • Stationary button via radiofrequency.
  • Stylized interior button via radiofrequency.

We will inform you of all the characteristics of the controls or buttons for garage doors.


Our doors are adapted to the architecture and color of your house and garage thanks to the fact that we have doors of multiple colors.

We installed doors with a wood-like color finish in two lighter and darker versions.

We have other colors such as anthracite that will give an elegant look to your home.

Apart from these colors we offer in our catalog another 10 different colors in garage doors that will make the choice of color varied.

Your roll-up garage door will be in modern and uniform colors at all times.


You have side doors of the same color as the roller ones. These side doors are used for when you go out of the garage without a car or when you go with your bike or take something from the garage that you need to go outside and you have already left the car.

Also, know the panic doors for the interior of the garage that complements and leave your garage like new. These doors are fire retardant and leave your home isolated from the garage in case of fire and smoke.


In case you need the installation of a garage door, contact our website or by calling 0478 824 826.

Our technical service also travels to the provinces of Australia and especially in the cities of Newcastle.