Renovation of Bathroom: 4 Low-cost ideas to remember

Renovation of Bathroom: 4 Low-cost ideas to remember

July 23, 2021 Off By Nancy Garg

Are you thinking to have a bathroom renovation but you don’t have too much budget? Here we leave you 4 ideas to do it quickly and cheaply.

Renovating many bathrooms becomes an impossible mission due to the high prices that renovations tend to have.

However, there are certain tricks to renovate the bathroom without leaving your pocket in it.

As you know, the bathroom is one of the most important areas of the house due to its continuous movement of people. In addition, it must be an area not only aesthetically beautiful but also hygienic and functional. Especially if you have a large family or with children.

With the passage of time, it is normal for the elements that make up the bathroom to deteriorate, making it necessary to change or repair them.

Sometimes, due to our budget,  we cannot carry out major renovations and we get frustrated thinking that it is not possible to renovate our bathroom.

Nothing is further from the truth because as you will see in this article, renovation of the bathroom with a low budget is possible.

Here are 4 inexpensive ideas to do it and have a brand new bathroom.

1. Textiles and accessories are essential

The first idea to renovate the bathroom if you have a very small budget is to start by changing the textiles.

The bathroom curtains (if you have one), the mat, the towels, and other accessories such as the towel rail, the glass set for the brushes, wastebasket, and brush, etc.

Changing these elements for others that have a different color or design will give your bathroom a different look.

It is a small gesture that will help you get out of the monotony without having to spend large amounts of money.

For example, if you want to gain luminosity, choose light colorsIf you want to add elegance, use metallic and shiny finishes and more sober colors.

2. The lighting

Hasn’t it happened to you that in some mirrors you look better than in others? Sure, it depends on the mirror but it also depends a lot on the lighting.

The lighting of the bathroom is one of the most important aspects of it since it is one of the places where we look the most. When we get up, brush our teeth, put on makeup, comb our hair, etc. We do it in the bathroom.

If we have bad lighting, can you think of how we could go outside? with a dirty face, bad hairstyles, or with more blush than necessary.

The second idea to renovate the bathroom is to renew the lighting in it.

Change the bulbs to the LED type if the ones you have are halogen or incandescent. In addition, you will save more on the bill.

You can also invest in changing the lamp and adding other points of light. The only thing you should keep in mind is that when putting these different points of light they do not shade you.

3. Tiles and flooring

One of the biggest challenges in having a bathroom renovation is deciding to change the tiles and flooring.

Traditionally, this would be a fairly important reform that would consume a considerable period of time and also a not inconsiderable amount of money.

However, today there are cheaper and faster solutions such as special vinyl bathroom tiles.

It is a moisture-resistant material that imitates finishes such as wood or marble, among others.

In the case of tiles, you can find different models and designs.

The advantage of bathroom renovation with this option is its speed since it is self-adhesive tiles. In addition, they are much cheaper than parquet or ceramic tiles.

Without a doubt, changing the tiles and the bathroom floor with vinyl material will completely transform your bathroom, even looking like you have done a great renovation.

4. Smart solutions to renovate the bathroom

In the beginning, we commented that a bathroom should not only be beautiful but also hygienic and functional.

Well, many of the problems that we can find in this room of the house have to do with space.

Yes, we always want more. But do not worry because it is possible to gain extra space in the bathroom.

For example, you can include an auxiliary cart in which to place all the toiletries, makeup, or hair products.

If you have a hole under the sink you can buy or custom make a piece of furniture in which to store toiletries.

Having everything organized in wicker baskets or boxes is a good option to have everything stored but within reach.


With these 4 ideas to renovate the bathroom, we wanted to show that it does not take a large outlay of money to transform your bathroom.

Do not forget that any renovation should always aim to have a more functional bathroom, first, and more beautiful, second.

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