Motorbike Spares Electric Scooter Driving Regulations

Motorbike Spares Electric Scooter Driving Regulations

July 18, 2020 Off By Mayur Bhatt

Where motorbike spares can I ride my electric scooter? Can I go on the sidewalks or should I use the bike path? Are there traffic regulations for skates? Can I be fined for riding a scooter? These are some of the most common questions asked by users of these vehicles. And there is still nonelectrical scooter legislation.

The traffic regulations are determined by the specific ordinance of each City Council . That is why it presents variations depending on the city ​​or population in which we find ourselves.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Said electric motorbike spares scooter regulations must specify the places where the vehicle can and cannot circulate (sidewalks, bicycle lanes, roads, etc.), as well as other series of specifications such as the use of the helmet.

There are many places that still do not have regulations, so the circulation in that city is given for free ( always respecting the regulations for the circulation of standard vehicles ).

Electric scooter circulation regulations. Legislation in Seville

In the case of Seville (capital) since motorbike spares the end of electric scooters require a municipal authorization to be able to circulate. Said authorization must be approved by the General Directorate of Mobility, and without it, it is illegal to ride the scooter.

According to article 58 of the municipal ordinance , which includes the traffic regulations, the circulation of electric skates on urban public roads is prohibited . Being able to use only in circuits or areas enabled by the Seville City Council. The same article establishes that low-power electric vehicles can be authorized by the Mobility Area:

Motorbike Spares Other vehicles

The circulation on urban public roads of vehicles or non-approved devices is prohibited. These may circulate exclusively in circuits or areas established for this purpose by the Seville City Council.

However, low-powered electric vehicles, especially those used to carry out public service tasks, such as cleaning or others, may be authorized to circulate through the City Council’s Mobility Area.

In this authorization, the electric scooter is considered a bicycle, with the same obligations that a cyclist has:

motorbike spares
motorbike spares
  • You should preferably ride on the bike path.
  • The skateboard driver must respect the traffic lights and the applicable signs.
  • You cannot drive with headphones , or use any mobile device.
  • In “coexistence zones” with the pedestrian, they cannot exceed a speed of 10 km / h.
  • The fines involved in not applying these rules are of some consideration. To the scooter driver the sanctioning regulations are applied in the matter of traffic, circulation of motor vehicles and road safety.

The amount of the same is left in the hands of the instructor of the file. As a general rule, driving an electric scooter without authorization is considered a slight penalty that is fined .

We want to highlight that these are the existing regulations in Seville . In other cities or towns where the ordinance has not been updated, the regulations for the circulation of the electric scooter are the same as for a pedestrian.