Legal advice, important for a successful company

Legal advice, important for a successful company

June 27, 2021 Off By Junalene Sumbalan

Legal advice for companies helps entrepreneurs with their daily challenges. A company does not only generate profit when its balance is positive but also when unnecessary expenses are avoided, making correct use of the benefits offered by the legislation.

There are countless challenges that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs face on a daily basis, whether when starting a new business or in the daily life of a company that is already in progress.

Risks, uncertainties and market competitiveness are just a few details that are part of the business scenario.

The growing difficulties in business relations made the company’s legal area a totally strategic department, including with regard to the profitability of the business.

Corporate legal advice works throughout the company’s routine and interacts with all departments, participating and assisting in decision-making.

Even though companies believe that investing in monthly legal advice is unnecessary, it is important to emphasize that it becomes necessary and indispensable in several aspects, especially when it comes to proposing effective solutions for both prevention and litigation.

According to studies, 25% of companies end up closing their doors even before completing 2 years of life. This reflects the need for specialized advice.

To avoid this situation, the search for legal advice has become a good alternative for many companies.

No matter the size or segment of your company, legal planning is essential when undertaking and impacting a company’s financial affairs.

Little is said about preventive legal advice because the most common thing is for the company to call a lawyer when there is already a problem; when there was a notification, citation, or even a tax issue where a “fire” has to be dealt with.

There are many advantages of having business legal advice, as starting a business knowing only your activity is not enough to remain active in the market.

The differential of legal advice is precisely to help entrepreneurs expand their ability to measure risks and be able to take decisions safely, being able to count on a professional for the day-to-day business, identifying legal risks, and preventing problems.

What are the advantages of corporate legal advice?

Certainly, for the realization of a business, it is necessary to have a plan beforehand.

And with the legal issues of a company it is no different!

We can say that business legal advice is a great ally of the entrepreneur, as it is preventive, multidisciplinary, and generates savings.

First of all, it should be mentioned that corporate legal advice will always be personalized.

Each segment acts differently and has its peculiarities. Therefore, a study of the company’s current panorama is carried out, identifying risks to map the real needs for procedures and actions to be taken to minimize and prevent future legal and administrative problems and benefit from the legal standards of the sector in which it operates.

There is also a guarantee of legal security in all acts performed by the company, tending to reduce the number of lawsuits and lawsuits, as legal advice involves all departments of the company.

Due to the elaboration of a completely personalized work, the legal advice offers close service, through intelligent management that involves:

  • Tax planning,
  • business planning,
  • Advice on labor relations between employee and employer,
  • Management of preventive, advisory, and litigation law,
  • Monitoring of negotiations,
  • Contract management,
  • Compliance, among other services.

Everything to standardize and keep your company in compliance, standardizing possible factors that generate uncertainty and legal instability within a company.

A company does not only generate profit when its balance is positive but also when unnecessary expenses are avoided, making correct use of the benefits offered by the legislation.

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