Largest Best pink diamonds sold at Australia

Largest Best pink diamonds sold at Australia

September 12, 2020 Off By Maria Dublin

Pear-shaped pink diamonds called “Unique Pink” was sold at Australia , according to the official website of the auction house. The 15.38-carat stone, set in a gold setting, went under the hammer for $ 31.6 million to an anonymous buyer from Asia. The deal was made over the phone.

Due to its perfectly clean structure and unusually rich shade, “Unique Pink” has been classified as a rare type. Of all diamonds mined annually and supplied to the Gemological Institute of America, about 3% are colored. And less than 5% of that figure is pink diamonds, which are so highly valued in the market.

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Unique Pink another pink diamonds sold

Then the stone weighing 16.08 carats went under the hammer for million. In the description of the lot it was noted that in the almost 250-year history of the auction there were only three cases when pink diamonds weighing more than 10 carats were put up for sale. At the moment, the price record for pink diamonds belongs to the Pink Gaff stone . 

The discovery of the deposit in Western Australia in led to the saturation of the market with pink diamonds, small but intensely colored. Accordingly, designers immediately began to develop a completely new style of jewelry, and pink became fashionable. Today, pink and purple diamonds are in the top list of the most expensive stones.

“The rectangular diamond described as ‘fancy vivid pink’ will be up for sale on. Before that, the gem will be presented in Hong Kong, London and New York, ”the message says.

The unique 18.69-carat The Pink Legacy diamond is, according to Anthemology, “one of the rarest gemstones ever presented in the world.” It is unique due to its classic cut, incredible clarity, color saturation and, of course, brightness.

Christie’s expects the largest diamond ever auctioned to sell for $ 50 million, ahead of all previous legal pink diamond deals in the world.