Ideas To Best Bathroom Renovate In A Low Cost

Ideas To Best Bathroom Renovate In A Low Cost

July 7, 2020 Off By Pinakin Vaghela

Changing the Bathroom Renovate or the kitchen of a house is one of the most expensive works that we can face. But today it is possible to have toilets worthy of appearing in any decoration magazine without having to shell out thousands of euros and without having to suffer the inconvenience of a long work at home. If you are a little handyman, for just over a thousand euros and in three days , you can get the bathroom of your dreams. Find out how:

1. Bathroom Renovate Tile Paint :

If the tiles in your Bathroom Renovate have the same pattern as those of the Alcántara family or simply the color does not convince you, you just have to take the brush to renew them. In any DIY store you can find special paint for tiles whose enamel is waterproof. If you want to make the toilet look bigger, white is the best option.

2. Vinyl Floors :

To renovate your bathroom floor, the best option is to install vinyl flooring that imitates tiles. Those that simulate wood are also very fashionable. Vinyl floors are cut and laid very simply and in no time.

Bathroom Renovation

3. Paint The Furniture :

If you have a very tight budget that does not allow you to change the bathroom furniture, a good idea is to give them a second life with a little paint. First you will have to sand them, then give them a coat of primer and finally two coats of paint. White, blue and mint green colors are worn.

4. Change The Bathroom Renovate Lamps :

The lighting in the rooms is essential, so the recommendation is to take advantage of this reform to change the Bathroom Renovate lights. For the main lamp, choose some warm colored bulbs and leave the white light bulbs on the top of the mirror.

5. Special Decoration :

Plants or paintings can give a very special touch to your bathroom. Do not hesitate, the result will be spectacular!