Home Batteries: Do you know them?

Home Batteries: Do you know them?

August 19, 2021 Off By Sarah Holden

In a world with increasing attention to sustainable energy sources, energy storage naturally not missing. A battery system for solar energy storage is therefore ideal for storing excess solar power produced for later use. Home batteries are therefore a nice addition to your solar panel installation. 

What are home batteries?

Home batteries is a fully automatic system with a link to your solar panels to completely optimize your own electricity generation, storage, and consumption. The automatic system:

  • sends your generated electricity to the right places and appliances in your home,
  • and ensures that the remaining electricity is stored in batteries.

In this way, you will recover “lost” electricity for later use, instead of immediately transferring it to your network operator’s grid. When your battery is fully charged, the electricity you produce on top of that is still automatically transferred to the grid.

A complete home battery installation consists of a storage battery, an electronic control system, a built-in inverter, and a cooling system.

Combining home batteries with solar panels: a good investment

You probably opted for solar panels in the past to be more self-sufficient in your electricity consumption. To take even more advantage of this, it is interesting to connect your solar panels to a home battery.

With a home battery, you can store your excess electricity for later use, instead of having to transfer it to your electricity supplier’s grid at a reduced rate.

In addition, the electricity grids are flooded with solar energy in the afternoon. As a result, utilities have begun to work out new rates that will hurt solar panel owners who send too much power into the grid in the afternoon.

Lower electricity bill

With a home battery, you can therefore store your own generated electricity for later use and only transfer the excess electricity to the grid when the battery is fully charged. In this way, you become more self-sufficient in your electricity consumption and you do not have to purchase any or less electricity at expensive ‘peak moments’.

This is also much more cost-effective than directly transferring all your unused electricity at times when energy suppliers are charging lower electricity rates. So with a home battery, you save money and lower your energy bill.

Benefits of a home battery

  • You are more independent and self-sufficient. With only a solar panel installation you can be on average up to 30% self-sufficient in your electricity consumption. With a home battery link, you can more than double that percentage!
  • You no longer suffer from power failures . In the event of a blackout or malfunction, your home battery can also serve as an emergency solution. Thanks to the stored electricity, your electrical appliances and lighting will continue to work even during a breakdown or power failure. How long you can use your electricity, of course, depends on the capacity and charging status of your battery and the number of devices that require electricity.
  • You save a lot of money. With the introduction of the digital meter, you are no longer entitled to a reversing counter when installing solar panels, but a digital meter is installed as standard. As a result, you will be billed for your actual consumption of the electricity grid. In this new system it is therefore a lot more interesting to significantly increase your own consumption with a home battery. As a result, you will have to purchase less electricity from the grid and therefore save a lot on your energy bill.

Price of home batteries

Of course, one of the most important factors when considering a home battery is price. This depends on several factors such as the brand and type of the battery. However, the most price-determining factor is always the storage capacity of the battery.

Depending on the capacity, a home battery, including installation, costs between $6,472 and $16,180 (excl. VAT). Although these are considerable sums, the purchase of a home battery is almost always a financially attractive investment.

Premium for your home batteries

You can also receive a premium from your grid operator for the installation of a home battery. You will then reduce your own cost price, which will make your installation even more profitable. For example, the payback time of the cost price will be shorter than the life of the battery, so you get power and money from your installation.  

The premium for a home battery is currently $404 per kilowatt-hour of actual battery capacity. Please note: the premium can be a maximum of $5,177 and can never cover more than 35% of the cost price. You are also only entitled to the premium if you already have a solar panel installation.

For specific prices, you can simply request a quote or contact one of our advisors without obligation.

Installing home batteries without solar panels?

It is also possible to install a home battery without solar panels. You can then, for example, store electricity from the grid at night at a cheaper night rate and then use it during the day. This is admittedly not a cost-effective use of a home battery.

Thus, while home batteries can be installed without a pairing with solar panels, this is extremely unusual.

Have home batteries installed?

It is essential that your electricity production and the storage of your battery system are adapted to your personal consumption. That is why our advisors first look at your consumption profile and the most optimal battery for your household. Our installers will then install the home battery according to your preference and you will always enjoy our follow-up and service afterward.