Flower Shop: 5 Steps for your planning

Flower Shop: 5 Steps for your planning

August 7, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

A successful business plan will show you everything you need to know before opening your flower shop.

Get to know the market before opening a flower shop

If your business idea is to open a flower shop, know that the market is increasingly promising and is one of the factors in your favor

Retail employs 105.5 thousand, that is, about 53% of people. The remaining 6,500 work in other functions related to the sector.

The numbers, according to the institution that brings together members from all over the country, are on the rise. From this point of view, your flower shop can be a successful and profitable business.

What’s more, your chances of prospering increase if you know how to plan, seek knowledge in the field, and improve your skills.

So, if you really want to know how to make a good business plan to open your flower shop, join us in this article.

How to plan your flower shop?  

Starting a small flower shop isn’t one of the hardest journeys at first. Flowers and ornamental plants are versatile goods.

Therefore, you will be able to customize the business according to your specialization or personal taste. But in addition to having manual skills to take care of the flowers, you’ll need to take care of storage and deliveries. All this without leaving aside the administration of the business.

But before all that, the most important thing is to analyze the competition, looking for information on what is already being done in your local market.

This way, you can see more concretely what other entrepreneurs are doing. This makes it easier to keep in mind what gaps your services can fill.

In parallel with your market research and before opening the doors, you will still need to create a name and register your company. Formalization is essential to obtain legal operating licenses.

Without a doubt, the first step comes down to doing your homework to start your business. To help you in this process, we have listed below the main points to start your business. 

1 –Flower shop: Choose a niche

The market is increasingly segmented. No matter which industry you look at, companies are increasingly focusing on one type of customer.

They focus on a particular consumer with common needs and desires to provide their services. Especially in times of crisis, choosing a niche seems like an answer for most entrepreneurs.

Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for some specialties such as 15th birthday parties, weddings, funerals. Or even bouquets for special dates, decoration of official events, among other occasions.

On the other hand, the focus may also be on simply selling arrangements for the ornamentation of homes and/or commercial establishments.

Anyway, if you determine a niche, it’s easier to do your planning, your marketing and improve your service.

Tip – for additional revenue, you can market other products such as treats and gifts to be sent with the flowers.

2 – Flower shop: Determine your customer base

As already mentioned, it’s important to focus on a niche, meaning limiting your customer base. This way you can direct your efforts to find out what they prefer, the varieties they like, and what they consume the most.

Following this line, direct your efforts to conquer them. Question number 1: – Why would they prefer to buy from you instead of another store? Finding that answer is not always easy. So visit all your potential competitors and speculate.

Define if your differential will be the price, the variety and/or selection of products, the service, or even the charm of the place. Anyway, you need to plan every detail to stand out in what your planning set out to offer.

3- Flower shop: Decide the location

The choice of location will depend on your investment potential and the type of service.

You can choose a well-located store with a good flow of pedestrians. But if the storage and creation of the arrangements are at your residence or in a place with little visibility, it will be necessary to invest even more in publicity.

In this case, an online store and good digital marketing tools can make a difference. In both cases, you will also need to think about home delivery.

Tip – If you choose to sell flowers online, you need to create a responsive website that is both easy to use and reliable

It is recommended to hire a web design, implement secure payment methods and draw up the terms of use and privacy policy. 

4 – Flower shop: Choose a name

Choose your company name and prepare your documentation. The formalization will allow you to manage your business more securely. 

In addition to being regularized, you will be able to issue an invoice, sign partnerships for purchases, obtain special credit lines, among other advantages.

Tip – When you open your business, you will have to qualify as an Individual Micro entrepreneur, Microenterprise, or Small Business.  In addition, you will need to choose a legal structure for your business. At this stage, it is very important to analyze the different existing structures for tax and administrative purposes.

5 – Flower shop: Find good suppliers 

In this type of business, suppliers are the main pieces of gear. Make a list of all local wholesalers and small florists.

Analyze the diversity of items that each one can offer you and also do a price survey. If you can find good local suppliers and can eliminate middlemen it will be better for your business.

When dealing with suppliers, remember that you also need to ascertain their commitment that the products will be delivered at the planned quality and price.

Also consider your storage capacity, as you will always have fresh flowers on hand.

It is worth noting that your suppliers can provide you with valuable information about the maintenance of the plants you buy. Therefore, you will also have to pass on care and conservation tips to your customers.

In summary, working with flowers requires in addition to good management, personal skills, and manual skills. Therefore, in this field, try to fulfill your planning. Also, don’t forget to improve and follow the trends of the segment you chose to act.