What fire safety systems can be installed at office?

What fire safety systems can be installed at office?

September 1, 2021 Off By Joan Padilla

What fire safety systems can you install in your office?

Feeling safe at office is essential to fully enjoy the family and every moment we spend in our office. In this sense, fire protection systems contribute decisively to achieving that feeling of tranquility. But how to avoid a fire or put it out quickly?

What is a fire safety system?

Fire safety is composed of any technological system aimed at preventing, detecting or extinguishing fire originating inside an infrastructure.

Generally, these fire safety system include the above three functions together (or, at least, those of detection and extinction). These can be portable fire extinguishers, fire alarms or smoke detectors, among other security measures. Taking into account variables such as the dimensions of the office, the use of it or the possible risk factors, it will be more advisable to use a simple fire safety system or a more sophisticated one.

What types of fire protection systems exist on the market?

As we have already mentioned, the market offers different solutions to strengthen fire safety in the office. These would be some of the most outstanding options:

  • Sound fire alarm.
  • Portable fire extinguishers.
  • Fixed fire extinguishers.
  • Smoke and/or heat detectors.
What fire safety systems can be installed at office?

Characteristics of fire safety systems

Audible fire alarm

This system is not a firefighting measure technically speaking, since it is limited to warning employees of the existence of fire. In any case, the acoustic signal can allow the rapid eviction of the office and warns the emergency services.

Portable fire extinguishers

It is a fairly effective fire safety system to quell fires of low intensity. The extinguisher is easy to handle and the dust that pours over the flames does not present contraindications in most cases. Therefore, it would not damage electronic devices, wood or fabrics.

Fixed fire extinguishers

It is possible to install conventional fixed fire extinguishers, which can be somewhat more cumbersy in small offices, or automatic water sprinklers. The choice of one or another fire safety system will depend on the characteristics of the office or even the room to be protected (if there is a lot of wood and other delicate materials, etc.).

Smoke, gas and/or heat detectors

Smoke, gas or heat detectors set off the fire alarm or automatic sprinkler when they detect a sudden increase in temperature or increased condensation of smoke particles in the environment.


Doors and windows can incorporate fire-resistant materials to prevent fire from spreading or facilitate evacuation. They are more common in common areas of buildings.

Prevention, the basis of any fire system

It is important to take preventive measures to avoid scares. Some of the basic guidelines to follow are:

  • Do not overload the plugs.
  • Do not cover heat emission fire safety systems.
  • Ensure optimal ventilation of office hold appliances.
  • Do not neglect the kitchen when a container is being heated.
  • Do not leave candles or incens near flammable objects and extinguish them when we are not present.