Fencing: Tips for Installing

Fencing: Tips for Installing

November 9, 2020 Off By Joan Padilla

When installing fencing, doubts always arise about which is the most appropriate system according to our needs. Choosing an enclosure can become an odyssey if we are not clear about the different options that exist, and that is why we provide you with these tips that will be very useful.

Choose the type of enclosure of your fencing

First of all, we should choose the type of enclosure that we are going to use. For fencing that does not require high security, single-twist or triple-twist meshes and trellises are the most suitable.

In addition, they are the easiest to install. The welded mesh offers greater security, although its installation carries a bit more difficult. Finally, folded panels are also a good option if what we are looking for is security, but due to their dimensions, they are the most difficult to install.

The amount of material needed for your fencing

circular barbed wire and fence on a very overcast day

Second, the amount of material needed to make the chain wire fencing must be determined.

  1. Depending on the perimeter of our fencing, we must choose the amount of mesh or panel that is needed. The meshes come in rolls and the panels have certain measures, so we must add meters to complete our perimeter and not fall short.
  2. Determine the number of posts that will be needed. With the meshes, both single or triple twisted and electro-welded, a post must be placed every 3 meters. In addition, a tension pole must be placed every 33 meters, with struts. The starting post and the end post must also have braces. For the installation of panels, in addition to the initial and final post-placement, a post must be placed behind each panel.
  3. Staples are used to fastening the meshes to the posts, placing a staple for each square of mesh. We will determine the number of staples necessary according to the pictures it has and the posts that are going to be placed.
  4. We will also need clamps to install the struts. One clamp is required for each strut, therefore one for the start or end post, and two clamps for the rest of the posts that have struts.
  5. For the meshes to be perfect, a tension wire line must be placed at approximately every 50 centimeters of height, also requiring clamps and tensioners to adjust it to each tension pole.

The fencing installation

And thirdly, the fencing installation must be carried out. We must be careful and orderly, and take special care with the placement of the clamps and the braces. 

For the struts, it is advisable to leave a distance of no less than 20 centimeters from the end of the post, as well as to install them at a 30º angle to the post.

By following these practical tips, and with the materials that you have in store, you will achieve a perfect enclosure easily and without complications.

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