July 5, 2021 Off By Lisa Hoar

You can’t move without an electrician!

No building can be commissioned without the participation of electricians. From time to time, everyone needs a professional to connect the electrical devices and check the general condition of the installation. The electrician’s tasks include: checking the correctness of connections, performing and approving measurements of the installation, and checking that the installation has been designed in accordance with the regulations. It is a difficult profession requiring comprehensive knowledge and specialized skills. To some extent, he can be taught, although, for the sake of safety, not everyone is predestined to follow this path.

What do you need to do to start a career as an electrician?

Electricians are multitaskers by definition, in addition to the above-mentioned controls of the installation, he also installs and maintains the electrical installation. To become an electrician, you must have the appropriate qualifications and knowledge.  Inadequate connection of the installation may result in a tragedy that adversely affects the life and health of other people. It is a high-risk profession that also carries with it great responsibility. In the work of electricians, nothing matters as much as knowledge, but imagination is also important. Think flexibly and be alert to potentially dangerous situations. What to do to become an electrician?

  1. Make a decision about choosing a profession
  2. Graduate from a vocational school or technical school – this way you can acquire the appropriate qualifications and skills
  3. Graduate from a university – the university will not only raise qualifications but also future earnings, it will also open the way to potential promotion

It all sounds very professional, but do self-learners have any chance of becoming electricians?  Of course, you are, although it requires a lot of commitment, time, and, above all, self-discipline. It is not an easy way to go, but it is possible. Not only books will be helpful here, but most of all video courses and online courses enabling constant contact and care of professional teachers.

What features will make an electrician out of you?

  • Scrupulousness and concentration  – working with electricity is associated with great responsibility as well as many dangers. Without intuition and analytical thinking, this profession can be dangerous for you and your surroundings.
  • Divided attention  – is invaluable. Each inspection of an electrical installation is a set of many different activities that must be exercised with care and attention.
  • Perceptiveness and good eyesight  – electrical installations consist of many different cables of different colors. Everyone has their own application, so an electricians cannot have a problem with distinguishing individual colors.
  • No fear of heights – people working in this profession must not be afraid of heights, unless they immediately decide to focus on running their own business, based on activities that do not require work at heights.
  • Physical fitness  – an electricians carries out his work in variable environmental conditions. Sometimes they are low or high rooms, and other times they are open-air work at heights.

I am an electrician, where can I find a job?

There is no shortage of job offers for electricians, just look around the Internet for a while.  Electricians are employed by both individual clients and companies. In fact, it is up to a given professional to decide whether they want to focus on individual clients and running their own business, or on working for companies.

There are many professional opportunities. It is not necessary to work only for private enterprises, you can find employment in state-owned electric enterprises. Besides the professional benefits, it has a variety of social benefits. This is followed by opportunities to meet interesting people from the industry. State-owned electric companies place great emphasis on building a sense of community.

People who start working as electricians very often start their adventure in this profession by searching for job offers on classifieds websites. This is a very smart solution because it allows you to compare the offers and opportunities offered by different employers, and it also helps to gain experience.

How much does an electrician earn?

Electricians’ salaries are very different but still higher than in other professions.  The salary varies depending on the level of education and experience. Nevertheless, the average electrician earns about AUD 3,900 gross. The amount of remuneration depends largely on the employer. In this case, it is most often the company where the electrician will find employment. The salary of people after vocational and technical school does not differ much.

In our country, an electrician with no work experience will earn about AUD 2,500 gross.  On the other hand, one who graduated from higher education can earn three times this amount.

Working abroad as an electrician is a separate and complex topic. Earnings vary by location, socio-economic situation, and specific specialization. Unfortunately, regardless of all the variables, career development in the profession of an electrician will bring much greater financial benefits outside our country. Bearing this in mind, it is worth completing a specialist language course at the same time, which will enable the provision of electrical services in the selected country.

Regardless of whether we decide to work domestic or abroad, the wider the rights and the longer the length of service – the higher the earnings.  Definitely, the greatest salaries are paid to people with building qualifications in the field of electrical installation. Usually, these people do not work as an electrician but manage construction or design work.

Electricians employed in very large companies derive the greatest profits. Usually, they can count on life insurance, a company telephone for private purposes, and the possibility of using private medical care.

Regardless of which path the future electrician decides to go, knowledge and experience count in this profession.