Driver: Training of Highly Qualified

Driver: Training of Highly Qualified

March 21, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

A modern commercial vehicle is a complex electronic-mechanical device, which is no longer enough to be efficiently driven by driving experience. You need the special knowledge and skills of a driver.

The driver training program will benefit both experienced and newbies. Our innovative techniques are designed to improve fuel efficiency, road safety, and environmental friendliness in the shortest possible time, while significantly reducing downtime and operating costs.

The training of their driving skills courses has long been a practice of many companies, regardless of their size, location, and income level.

Formation of a training plan based on a flexible approach

  1. We find out the needs of the client
  2. Choosing the right courses
  3. We provide training
  4. We consolidate the acquired skills with coaching

Having ascertained the needs of the client, the instructor must select the appropriate training program and adapt it to the needs of the individual client.

The key indicators in the formation of the training program are:

  1. segment;
  2. type of operation;
  3. the main goal of training.

Effective equipment operation

The Driving School helps you improve your driving skills and become a true driving professional. The training is divided into several modules that cover basic topics and include both theory and practice and are taught by experienced instructors. Training at the School of Driving Skills makes it possible to drive a car more efficiently and safely. According to statistics, a well-trained has fewer accidents, saves more fuel, and his car is subject to less wear and tear.

The training programs of the School of Driving Skills have been thoroughly tested in various operating conditions of equipment, have been adapted to realities, and have been successfully implemented for several years.

Advantages of the courses:

  • Training can be carried out at the customer’s site and using the customer’s vehicles;
  • It is possible to create special programs according to customer requirements;
  • The participant who has completed the training is issued a personal certificate;
  • Dates, premises, training equipment, autodrome – as agreed with the client.

Increasing Efficiency

It is equally important to accompany after driving skills improvement courses. With our unique rating system and the new Coaching service, your drivers will always have professional support.

Driver training specialists, using the FMS portal, receive the necessary information about the vehicle’s operating parameters (this is not only fuel consumption, but also SDS indicators, the number of normal and emergency braking and acceleration, engine speed, idling, travel geography, etc.). ) for the reporting period, and after analyzing them, contact the driver by phone to adjust his skills.

Analyze your driving habits, call your drivers and discuss current shortcomings and mistakes with them, thereby increasing the economy, efficiency, and safety of transportation. Thus, your driver understands that all his actions while driving a car are controlled by specialists, and continues to apply the knowledge gained during training in our school.

  • Thanks to the coaching system, the effect of training increases!
  • The driver understands that all his actions while driving the car are monitored by specialists, and continues to apply the knowledge gained during the training.

After completing the training, the driver begins to apply the knowledge gained in practice, but in order for the skills to be brought to automatism, a certain time is needed. It happens so that the driver is not sufficiently motivated and continues to drive the car in the usual manner, thus the costs can return to their previous level. To prevent this from happening offers two tools at once – Driver Support System (SDS) and Coaching.

Coaching Conditions

The driver was trained in the Economical Driving Program by a certified instructor.

The driver drives a vehicle that is connected to the FMS Monitoring System Control package.

The driver is identified by the FMS system either through European specification tachographs or through an identification key.

The coaching procedure is carried out by the same specialist who conducted the consultations.

How is Coaching Going?

The coach analyzes the data through the FMS portal for the driver who has been trained.

Compares the results obtained with test races, as well as remarks and comments that were recorded during the face-to-face consultation.

Draws up a conversation plan with comments to improve driver performance.

the specialist contacts the driver by phone for a conversation.

After the conversation, it is necessary to briefly record the results and conclusions for use in further discussions.

Thus, the driver constantly receives a qualified assessment of his actions, and he gradually consolidates precisely those skills that give a good result in the operation of the car.

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