Diamonds, The Perfect Man-made

Diamonds, The Perfect Man-made

February 5, 2021 Off By Rob Prosser

The main range to offer is gem-quality diamonds in sizes ranging from 0.01 TO 20.00 carats. Rich fancy blues, yellows, and pinks are identical to natural colors thanks to in-house developed technology.

In addition to diamonds, can also offer you diamond plates, anvils, lenses, jewelry, and growing services for your personal bio-diamonds.

Produced the world’s largest laboratory-grown diamond, weighing 109.81 carats, black (dimensions: 25.72 x 24.74 x 19.84 mm), and this record was confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records.

Today, manufacturing capacity allows us to produce over 1000 carats of diamonds per month.

Presents you with an alternative to natural diamonds. It’s always good to have a choice. We are producing a new product – a new diamond that shows our relationship to nature. We really care about the world! Now is the time to think about the real price of the products we consume. By using lab-grown diamonds, we have created a major challenge to mining natural diamonds.

Laboratory-grown diamonds, colored and colorless, have the same characteristics as natural diamonds and are certified by leading independent laboratories such as IGI and GIA.

More brilliance, more cleanliness, more transparency, together with an eco-friendly attitude, give us more harmony in the world.

The best way to express your feelings and include your most precious memories as a gift for your loved one is to grow your personal diamond

Each bio-diamond is naturally grown and truly unique.

For the production of our bio-diamonds, only the high-pressure high temperature (HPHT) process is used with cubic presses. The process of creating such a diamond takes up to 2 months depending on the desired size and color.

The transformation of organic carbon into a diamond is possible due to the fact that carbon is the second most abundant atomic element in the human body, and diamonds are composed of crystallized carbon. Carbon can be extracted by heating from hair ashes, wood, any other naturally occurring material, cremated human or animal remains in particulate or gaseous form. Carbon, together with other elements, is purified, for example, by acid cleaning and then graphitized.

The resulting graphitized material is then placed in a specific growing cell of an HPHT press.

They can produce your personalized diamond in several colors: blue, yellow, or pure colorless.

To create a diamond, you can use the ashes of many things made on the basis of natural materials. Imagine how romantic it can be if you propose to a girl with a diamond made, for example, from the most beautiful unique flower, or from a love letter that explains your feelings, or from photographs where you are happy together, or even a diamond can be grown from a couple of drops of your blood. This stone will not only have a romantic creation story, but also positive energy of love within, which for sure can greatly affect your relationship.

Bio diamond can also be obtained from hair. Human hair is 50% carbon. To create one or more commemorative diamonds, we need at least 10 grams of hair.

Can use pure advanced technologies that speed up the natural process and not only improve it, but also make it completely environmentally friendly.

The unique technological process is based on the latest developments of the HPHT (High-Pressure High Temperature) method, which is essentially a harmonious symbiosis of the creation of nature, science, and human technology.

Using special hydraulic presses of a cubic type, the HPHT method recreates the natural geological conditions that occur at a depth of hundreds of kilometers in the Earth’s mantle. The conditions are a unique and powerful combination of extreme pressure and very high temperatures. To grow a diamond in a cubic press, tiny natural or synthetic diamond seeds are carefully placed on the bottom of the growth cell. 

Then layers of additional metal and carbon in the form of graphite are delicately laid out on top of the diamond seeds. Thereafter, the growth chamber is placed in the center of a cubic press and heated to 1500 degrees Celsius while simultaneously exposing it to 50-60 kilobars. At this temperature and pressure, the metal in the growth cell melts and the graphite very slowly transforms through the liquid metal into our favorite form of carbon.

The HPHT diamonds offer are grown in controlled facilities by professional engineers, scientists, and technicians using a minimum amount of electricity and resources.

As a result of this process, laboratory-grown diamonds have the same crystal structure, chemical composition, and similarity in optical and mechanical properties as mined diamonds.

HPHT technology has gone so far that it is now possible to produce up to 100 carats of rough diamonds, delighting gemologists, jewelers and diamond connoisseurs around the world.

HPHT technology has gone so far that it is now possible to produce up to 100 carats of rough diamonds, delighting gemologists, jewelers, and diamond connoisseurs around the world.

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