Building Service From design to commissioning

Building Service From design to commissioning

August 29, 2020 Off By Lisa Hoar

What is the earliest stage that any developer, construction investor and Building Service company faces? If a person or an organization decides to build a house or a building for a business, first of all, there will be a question of obtaining a building permit , as well as issues of developing design and estimate documentation , and notifying state organizations about the start of construction work …

This is a demanding job that requires a lot of knowledge and practice in the field of construction. The Law on Architectural and Urban Planning Activities of the defines design estimates as architectural and engineering solutions required for the construction of new or reconstruction of existing real estate objects. You will have to deal with construction documentation even before the start of construction and installation work. And if the developer has no experience in this area, then it is better for him to contact the Customer Building Service.


What is Customer Building Service?

Customer Building Service is a group of licensed professionals who can professionally:

  • perform design and estimate work ,
  • obtain building permits ,
  • coordinate the project with the relevant authorities,
  • if necessary, carry out architectural and technical supervision of construction,
  • as well as to commission an already built object and issue a full package of documents for it with the registration of new real estate in the Department of Justice.

If problematic situations arise, the Customer Building has lawyers who will help resolve disputes, settle unforeseen situations with suppliers of building materials or contractors. In a word, if any problems arise during construction, the specialists of the Customer Building Service will competently resolve them as soon as possible.

Customer building Service works in your best interest!

Entrust the Customer building Service with all the work on the collection, development and execution of documents for construction! The customer service will represent your interests in government offices and monitor the entire construction process.