Bathroom Renovation: How to make repairs in the bathroom with your own hands

Bathroom Renovation: How to make repairs in the bathroom with your own hands

November 23, 2020 Off By Maria Dublin

Bathroom renovation is considered quite difficult – this room is one of the smallest, the location of a large number of utilities does not facilitate the work. Therefore, the question of how to make repairs in the bathroom efficiently, quickly, and without special costs worries many people.

High humidity and temperature drops, contact with water require a special approach to the selection of building materials, plumbing, furniture. The article will tell you how to cope with the difficulties that have arisen, to make repairs quickly, with little financial expense, but at the same time with high quality.

How to make repairs in the bathroom with your own hands

Situations, when it is required to carry out repairs, are different and require a different approach, therefore the first stage is planning.

Emergency bathroom renovation

How to make a bathroom renovation with your own hands in the bathroom if it is flooded or there was a fire? The consequences must be eliminated as quickly as possible, there is little time to draw up a plan:

• assess the condition of the premises itself, the equipment in it, do it carefully, without missing details;

• buy the necessary materials according to the list, change only what really went out of order – the main thing is to eliminate the problem that led to the emergency;

• if the work is not limited to the replacement of one or two gaskets, you need to draw up a work plan in time, then there will be no technical downtime.

Bathroom Renovation: Planned repair

There is time for serious preparation, discussion, accumulation of finances:

• when calculating costs, take into account the cost of materials, preparation of walls, purchase of the necessary plumbing, some types of work cannot be carried out on your own – you need to call the masters of the housing office, specify what types of services they will have to pay, take care of purchasing a tool;

• draw a sketch of where and what will be located from sockets to furniture, draw up a diagram of the location of utilities, measure the floor and walls – this approach will help to calculate the amount of required building materials;

• decide on the way of leveling the walls and floors – this directly affects the choice of building material, take into account all factors – after all, each bathroom has its own nuances.

Bathroom Renovation: Stages

Initially, carry out a complete dismantling of the cladding from the walls, ceiling, floor. Do not try to preserve old ceramic tiles, it is better to spend more time knocking them down. Then remove all unnecessary pipes, junctions, wiring. If necessary, contact the housing office to turn off the water on the mains, if you do not want to flood your neighbors.

How to make an inexpensive bathroom renovation

The step-by-step bathroom renovation plan described above seems costly at first glance, whereas most people plan to make inexpensive bathroom renovations. It is possible: you need to have a desire, skills in handling tools, taste. There is no need to lay expensive marble on the floor, to decorate the walls with ceramic tiles – there are excellent, affordable materials, due to which you can put the bath in order quickly, not financially costly.

Replace wall decoration with tiles. On sale, there are paints and varnishes that are not afraid of high humidity and have antibacterial properties. It is better to choose paints based on latex, acrylic, silicone. The latter can be used as a hydro-barrier. The listed types of paints are odorless, do not crack, and retain their original color. They will last a long time, and the appearance is beyond praise. You can take different shades and create a beautiful drawing – it all depends on the imagination of the master. The main thing is to properly prepare the surfaces: align, plaster, walk with a primer.

Wall decoration with PVC panels will be more expensive, but in terms of time costs for installation, surface preparation, they definitely win. Buy panels with a margin of 10%, make the crate horizontal, the panels on it are arranged vertically. Do not forget to purchase a starter profile, corners, dowel-nails.

Note: it is better to make the crate for PVC panels from plastic slats with clips. They are not afraid of moisture, unlike wood, which is often used. This does not affect the final price.

The third option for wall decoration is wallpaper. Only waterproof types are used. The advantages are obvious: low price, ease of work, you can change the design as often as you want. There is a disadvantage – in terms of strength and durability of the coating, wallpaper is not in the first place. Before you start wallpapering, you must carefully prepare the surface for work. In addition to leveling and plastering, be sure to use a primer with antifungal components. Wallpaper glue is selected that is not afraid of mold – this way the wall covering will live longer.

The loft-style is perfect for those who want to have a beautiful and inexpensive renovation. If the walls are brick, then it is just enough to remove the old plaster and clean the seams and bricks with a brush, then cover with waterproof varnish. The older the wall looks, the better. The floor is leveled with a cement screed and no other finishing works are carried out. If there is no need to change the pipes, then they are covered with a fresh layer of paint, you can hide them, if desired, behind a brick wall or buildings made of cement blocks. Such repairs will be quite inexpensive and will look fashionable and modern.

If you will be doing such work yourself for the first time, do not be afraid to seek advice from masters who already have experience in a bathroom renovation. Do everything carefully, especially when replacing pipes, installing plumbing, connecting sockets and switches, there are no trifles here. It is quite possible to make a bathroom renovation with your own hands and inexpensively. The main thing is the right approach, and then even an emergency will allow you to quickly cope with the consequences.

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