Accommodation: Find out what the hostel is?

Accommodation: Find out what the hostel is?

July 10, 2021 Off By Mahmud Farooque

Currently, the travel market is very dynamic and diversified. All the time, new services and products are offered to increasingly demand travelers! In this sense, get to know what a hostel is, an interesting and fun type of accommodation!

However, for you to enjoy this cool and fun way to stay, during your trips abroad, first of all, you need to know exactly what the hostel is and how it works.

So, for you to learn once and for all what a hostel is, we are going to present here all the details of its history, its characteristics and how it is to stay in this type of accommodation.

Understand what hostel is?

In this way, the hostel is the type of accommodation, similar to a traditional hotel, where fewer services and shared accommodation are offered.

Thus, the hostel is a more economical lodging option and offers rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, among other shared spaces.

Despite the lack of privacy, the main goals of the hostel are, first and foremost, to offer greater social interaction and cultural exchange for its guests during their travel experiences.

Secondly, the hostel proposes to charge much less for its services than a traditional hotel would. Without a doubt, providing simpler and more informal services, but with quality and a high degree of interactivity.

For example, a hostel may not offer a 24-hour reception service, as in a hotel. But, without a doubt, there will be other ways to receive you very well and at any time!

In fact, this is not a recent form of accommodation, however, few people know what a hostel is and are hesitant to differentiate it from a hostel or a hotel, for example.

Hostel Features

  • Privileged location – in the middle of nature or in urban centers;
  • Informal and cool environment;
  • Simple, shared accommodation – with bunk beds, for example;
  • Shared bathrooms – divided by gender;
  • It has common environments favorable to social and cultural integration;
  • It focuses on enhancing the interaction of guests with each other and with the community;

Who is looking for the hostel

As hostels are more informal environments, they are generally preferred by the younger public and open to new experiences and cultures. Also, most of the time, they need to save more on travel.

However, there is a wide variety of tourist profiles that frequent hostels nowadays. From groups of friends, families, couples, and even senior tourists, just looking for greater socialization.

As a general rule of thumb, hostels cost much less than other types of accommodation, because you’re sharing your space with other travelers. Even if you opt to stay in a private room, hostels can still save you money both on the basic price of the room as well as all the added extras such as events, communal kitchen, and free wifi.

The exact price of a hostel will depend on where in the world you’re traveling, how many people you’re sharing a room with, and when you’re traveling. Roughly speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1.52 to $7.62 per night to stay in a hostel. One way to keep the cost down and ensure you don’t miss out on an awesome hostel is to book in advance, especially during peak season, when lots of hostels get fully booked.

Hostels are as safe, if not safer, than many other types of accommodation. The fact that you’re sharing a space with lots of other travelers means there will always be people around.

Most hostels have 24/7 reception, security staff, and card keys for the rooms to make sure only guests can get into the hostel. Nearly all hostels come equipped with lockers in the dorms for you to lock away your valuables when you’re out. Provided you take the same safety precautions you would anywhere else, there’s no need to be anxious about staying in a hostel.