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August 23, 2021 Off

Roof renovation, the cost

By Ian Tamondong

If your flat roof or tiled roof of your old house, shed or garden house needs to be replaced or improved after years, then we speak of a complete roof renovation. (roof repair) Your roof has to endure a lot during...

August 1, 2021 Off

Plumbing Tips for the proper maintenance and sanitary

By Natalie Leary

Plumbing, washbasin, sink, toilet, softener, etc. To avoid problems with clogged, smelly plumbing or clogged equipment, regular maintenance of your plumbing...

July 23, 2021 Off

Renovation of Bathroom: 4 Low-cost ideas to remember

By Nancy Garg

Are you thinking to have a bathroom renovation but you don't have too much budget? Here we leave you 4 ideas...